Lino zed

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Lino is a man who believes in what he does so that it be comes credible been causes everyone in his madness.He lives intensely the present.

The character of Lino has a double history.

Coming from a small environnement condition he finds himself thrown in the street,forced to fill an absence,to overcome the hassle and discomfort of a society.

The quest of power is actually a: trompe l'oeil, also was king or marquis without even grazed titles.

Lino is dramaticomic it play a comedy.A great mixed with intensive and interactive but no solo.

Lino is dislocated restore the clown role of passeur,so he could,even on a bad start,create a pleasant and unique experience.

Lino is a character invented for the street outside,this show can be to adapt on stage he is polyvalent (see détails on below)

Each operation is unique because every time she takes into account the particularity of the place of the configuration space and the specific circumstances of the event.


Technical specifications

Depht : 5 mèters

Height : 3 mèters

Length : 8 mèters

A place protected from the noise.

Provide a wireless microphone if the place is large or if several shows are played simultaneously.

Needs a fairly flat smooth coating (wood,tar,concrete...)

It can play (240°,360° or format front 180°.)

From 6 ans.

Capacity public  20 to 800 persons.

During total show 45 minutes .

Mounting: 20 minutes

Desmounting : 10 minutes

Opportunities to split the show into three parts of 25 minutes each,the technical conditions remain the same.

For the tecnical specifications on stage see on page: "spectacle en salle" or contact us on page:"contact"

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